Mile 12 Market is a very large market that is popular for its availability of virtually all types of food product eaten in Nigeria. It is a wholesale market for retailers who move to other markets to resell. Before heading to Mile 12 Market, here are some helpful things to take along with you: Shopping list, Cash, as it is majorly operated by local vendors.,and we have provided all this for at your own convenience and we are ready to deliver directly to your doorstep, home, office, company, party or organizations. Shop on mile12mart for food supplies, tomatoes, and fresh products delivered to your doorstep – on mobile and web. We are your food store online shop at your doorstep … Mile 12 Mart is an online replicate of the Lagos Mile 12 market. We are your online food shop. Probably no Lagos housewife who has not visited or heard of Mile 12 Market, the depot market upon which thousands of households in the metropolis depend for fresh and cheap produce. The planned relocation of Lagos’ popular Mile 12 Market, therefore, generated so much uproar and in other to solve this uproar we decided to make online food marketing and shopping easy for you, make your request and we will delivery directly to your doorstep.

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